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You dont need to be an elite to have a coach. Having a coach is all about getting the best out of yourself for a specific event or adventure. This depends on many things such as; "you" (skills, personality,motivation, experience), how much time you can commit to training and what your goals are. I will help you make efficient use of your available time and include things that are often forgotten about such as; recovery, strength/mobility training, nutrition and getting your head in the right place.

Training Program Start Up Meeting or Skype: $85 (one off cost)

We get together to discuss where you are at, your background and goals for the future. From here we can start on working out the best way to reaching your goals.

There are 3 Levels of Coaching Support that you can change between depending on where you are at in your season. All programs are personalised to your goals, commitments and requirements.

Training Program Support Level 2 (My most popular service)

  • Personalised Plan including; Build Up Events/ Race Simulations

  • Race Plan Preparation and Post Race Analysis

  • Unlimited weekly email and text contact with your coach, and flexibility to change/adjust your program as needed.

  • Weekly diary email from you to your coach and feedback given on this.

  • Advice on general sports nutrition. Fueling and hydration needs e.g. nutrition pre, during and post exercise.

  • Skype, call or meeting every 6th week, Programs written in 6 week blocks

  • $40/week



Training Program Support Level 1
  • As above with a 2 weekly 30min meeting or skype

  • $48/week


Training Program Only Support Level 3

If you are looking for something to keep you motivated and don’t need as much specific input from your coach. This can be useful if you are happy managing your own training load, in the off season or are many months away from your target event and are keen to lay down some sound baseline preparations

  • Personalised Plan including; Build Up Events/ Race Simulations

  • 6 Weekly Skype/Call with your coach to review progress & get feedback (no weekly reviews or program adjustments)

  • Programs written in 6 week blocks

  • $28/week


Strength and Conditioning

I believe this is a very important part of your training but is the part that often gets neglected. It will reduce the risk of injury and boost your performance. I refer my clients to a very knowledgeable  S & C coach based in Christchurch who has experience working with endurance athletes. Your S & C is designed to work towards your coaching goals so we are in frequent contact throughout the program.

Coaching Consults

If you want some guidance on putting together your own program or managing your training over a specific period a consult is a cost effective way to get the information you need for your training goals.

  • $85 per Hour

  • $70 for 45min

  • $55 for 30min

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