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Arghhhh I’m So Over Sweet Stuff! Any Savoury Race/Training Food Ideas Please?

This was a great question asked at the Further Faster Womens Adventure Racing Night last week. What to eat when you are sick of sweet snacks when training and racing. In general the longer the race/training the more important it is to have a variety of foods to choose from. It’s easy to go off the taste of something. I have been at the point where I am not able to face chowing down any more of it, or even anything else that is sweet tasting! So here are a few ideas to tickle your savoury taste buds. As usual try everything out in training before racing on it!

Roast Potatoes, Kumera, Carrots, Parsnip with a bit of salt, paprika, or any spice you like

Cheese e.g. Babybel cheeses are individually wrapped

Savoury Crackers/cheese sticks

Small Baked Potatoes with a chunk of feta or cheddar in the middle

Cold Pizza


Corn chips, Pringles

Salted Nuts

Savoury Sticky Rice Balls

Savoury Muffins

Savoury waffles/pancakes

Mini Quiche

Spicy Beans, chickpeas etc

Mini sandwiches e.g. vegemite/cheese cut up into bite sized pieces & don’t let them dry out or they are like chewing a piece of leather!

For longer events the Absolute Wilderness freeze dried meals are a good choice. They don’t contain a lot of rubbish, can be rehydrated with cold water, have a lot of different options & taste pretty good!

Feed Zone Portables by Biju Thomas & Allen Lim whom have worked with elite cyclists has some excellent recipes for on the go food that is tasty & easy to make. Tweak the flavours to your liking. If you don’t like the taste, don’t take it, as you will just end up carrying it for the whole race!

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