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Highs & Lows of Recovery from Injury

I thought this may be useful to share for anybody who gets injured and has to take time out from what they love doing while their body heals.

Make a Plan, even if its just day by day. Ticking things off that we have achieved makes us feel good, even if its just hopping down the stairs on crutches in one piece!

Stress Relief for those Grrrrrrrrrr moments. Hurling a sandbag weight across room helped heaps, a good upper body/ab workout & frustration buster! Just make sure your significant other isn’t in the firing range ;)

Set up a daily routine of exercises that you can do. When we are injured theres usually a bit of our body that we can enhance the mobility or strength of so focus on that & set yourself some small goals.

Get out of the house when you can. Schedule in some friends to take you out even if its just to the local café for a change of scenery. The botanical gardens and their mobility scooter are a great way to be back in nature. Its also possible to sit in a double kayak with a plastered leg if you have a strong friend to haul you in & out ;) Paddling on the Avon has never been so much fun!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Coming out of plaster was a huge disappointment for me. All the great ideas I had of adventures to do in April & May went completely out the window when I realized how weak and messed up all the muscles, ligaments and tendons in my ankle had become. Swelling was a huge issue that I hadnt noticed with my leg in plaster. Being left to my own devices wasn’t a good idea so I booked myself into Sportsmed straight away.

Being open to alternative treatments can also be helpful. They are not for everybody but can have their place. I usually try them for 3-4 weeks & if I’m not noticing any benefits stop. Some of the successful treatments I used included:

Power Plate: If its good enough for Nasa its good enough for me. A skilled operator such as Bronwyn from Seeds of Change helped improve my ankle/calf & achillies range of movement.

Chinese Acupuncture: Has been a revelation when it comes to reducing swelling. Anna & Leon from Abel Acupuncture now have my foot looking almost normal. I watched it shrink in front of my eyes. I wish that I had done this sooner as the swelling was the most uncomfortable part of my recovery. Now I not only have a lot less swelling but also improved circulation to my foot.

Straight after the break I took Arnica Symphytum Comp to help with bone healing & bruising. Now I am taking Turmeric to help reduce the final bits of swelling even further as I gradually challenge my ankle & calf to get stronger.

Keep a log of what you are doing and how you are feeling. It helps you work out your best recovery strategies and reminds you of how well you are progressing. If you are anything like me you never heal quick enough, so having something to look back on & see the improvements you have been making every week can be very helpful.

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