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Training Through Menopause & Beyond

Over the following weeks I will be posting information on this presentation I gave at Further Faster , to a very enthusiastic group of active ladies.

You don’t have to put up with; feeling slow, losing muscle mass, putting on fat, struggling with training & recovery. Exercise is just as important, if not more important now. What we do now is going to set us up for many years to come.


We can still develop lean mass, maintain muscle integrity & look after our bone health by exercising. We just need to make some nutritional & training adjustments to keep us healthy & strong so we can carry on doing the exercises & adventures that we love doing.

I will cover the best training options to use from Perimenopause through into Postmenopause. This will include tips on recovery, hydration, fueling & making it easier to hit your training goals.

This week I will start with some definitions;

Premenopause: normal menstrual cycle

Perimenopause: the years before your periods stop completely. Usually occurs for 4-5years Your periods will change; they may get shorter, longer, lighter or heavier. They may be closer together, or further apart.

Menopause: 1 point in time. “An Anniversary” 12 months without a period then you are into PostMenopause

Studies on our age group of active ladies are finally being carried out. The information we need to maximise our training adaptions & health is starting to trickle through. Lets make the most of it, as Selene Yeager & Dr Stacy Sims say "Stay Feisty!" @feistymenopause

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