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Training Through Menopause & Beyond Part 3: Metabolism Changes

· Decreased Insulin Sensitivity

· Decreased Reliance on Carbohydrate

· Increased Muscle Catabolism (breakdown)

· Increased Total protein Needs

· Low Estrogen=More Insulin Release=More Fat Storage

· More Sensitive to glucose and more likely to store belly fat

Estrogen increases sensitivity to insulin so when our estrogen levels drop we become more insulin resistant. Decreased sensitivity to insulin & decreased reliance on carbohydrate can result in belly fat so we need to modify type of carbohydrate we consume in & around training.

Metabolism Hacks

· Consume CHO in & around training. ”Eat Proper“ food not gels for energy (we are really sensitive to Fructose because we struggle to metabolise it).

· Reduce total CHO intake per day. Swap pasta & bread for pulse pastas, quinoa, buckwheat. Stick to nutrient dense, complex CHO including plenty of veggies & fruit.

· Increase overall daily Protein (aim for 35-50g Protein per meal)

· Be really pedantic about the timing of protein around exercise (30min window)


· Reduce GI Issues

· Maintain Lean Mass

· Make Muscle

· Reduce Unwanted Body Fat

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