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Training Through Menopause & Beyond Part 5: The Best Types of Training to Do

Heavy Strength Training & HIIT/Intervals

· Technique First! 2+ months preparation, Address any Mobility, Muscle balance & Pelvic floor issues when you start. Remember to breath.

· Build Up gradually & learn how to lift correctly. Only when you have Good Technique & have completed your preparation time Lift Heavy. 5-6 reps, 4-5 sets. 2 or 3 days/week.

· Work in All planes of movement so Don’t Forget Lateral & Rotational movements

· Mix it Up & Make it fun with Medicine Balls, Kettle Bells

· Explosive HIIT sessions can be carried out for running, biking, rowing, gym circuits etc. These are short high intensity work with short recovery periods. E.g. 20s work:10s rest x6-8

If you are in your Early 40’s start strength training NOW, however its never too late to begin & see good progress.

How to Change Your Training Week

Build into this gradually!

· You Can Still do some long slow distance but not too much. 1-2 sessions a week

· 2-3 Strength sessions/week. These can be combined with easy ride/run’s

· 10 min jumping 3 times a week will maintain & build bone. This could be part of your warm up.

· 1-2 HIIT /Interval Training sessions/week

· Warm Up with Mobility work so you can keep moving efficiently

It’s No Longer "Long Slow Distance" its "Lift Heavy Shit & be Explosive!"

You need the extra training stimulus from lifting heavy & doing HIIT. You already have the training history, the metabolic & physiological history for fatty acid oxidation & doing long stuff but you lose muscle integrity quickly, you lose bone density quickly. You need to put stimulus in to maintain that strength & that bone mass in order to still do the long distance. INVEST IN YOURSELF FOR THE FUTURE. Keep Strong & You will Set Yourself Up for many Years of Healthy, Feisty Adventures!

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