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Use Every Race to Learn and Improve on Something: The Post Race Analysis

Race Analysis Data

If you get into the habit of reviewing each race you do it is an excellent opportunity to keep fine tuning and tweaking your training and race plan so that your efforts are constantly improving.

Some of the things I like to review include:

  • How I feel on the start line. Did my taper work well?

  • Did I stick to my hydration & nutrition strategy? If not why?

  • How were my energy levels during the event? What can I do to improve these?

  • Was I physically prepared for the course? Do I need to focus on any physical aspects in my training more?

  • How were my splits? Even, negative, positive?

  • How was my pacing? Sensible, erratic?

  • What did my heart rate do? Too high, too low?

  • Were my transitions quick? Can I improve?

  • How were my technical skills for the course? What do I need to improve on?

  • Did I stay in a positive mindset & deal with any set backs well? If not what do I need to work on?

  • Did the equipment/gear I had meet my requirements? Does anything need changing?

  • What went well? I will do that again

  • What didn’t go well? I will change this

  • Anything else that could of improved my race experience?

Happy Analysing!

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