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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is an exercise and fitness activity which uses specially designed poles whilst fitness walking. It enhances and intensifies natural walking by incorporating the use of the upper body giving a total body workout!

Benefits Include;

  • Burning up to 40% more calories than walking without poles

  • Lower & Upper Body Workout

  • Use 90% of Your Muscles

  • 30% Less impact on the Joints

  • Releases tension in Neck & Shoulders

  • Improvements in Posture, Body Strength & Flexibility

  • Ski Season Fitness

Nordic Walking is used by Olympic X-Country Skiers, elite athletes, endurance competitors and the general population.  It can also benefit people with Diabetes, Obesity, Neurological Conditions, Osteoporosis and Joint Replacements.

If you want to see the scientific evidence to back this up check out;

BEFORE you get excited about the prospect of starting your Nordic Walking DON’T rush out and buy Nordic Walking poles, learn the technique first before committing. Not all poles are equal! If you decide Nordic walking is for you I can offer the excellent light weight but strong Mountain to Sea "Sport" Nordic walking poles for purchase $190 GST incl. plus postage.

Nordic Walking has been designed to use as many muscles as possible it’s a very effective way to exercise without the extra stress on your muscles and joints.  Using specially designed lightweight poles we can teach you how to use the Nordic Walking technique to improve your posture, your balance and your co-ordination.  There are heaps of benefits but you do need instruction to understand how to use the poles to your advantage. The correct Nordic Walking poles will be supplied during the sessions.

Cost: $60 per hour including use of poles if required.

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