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Nutrition for Training & Racing

Fit For Life Performance Nutrition Planning for Endurance Sports

When preparing for an endurance event it can be hard to know what and how much you should be eating before, during and straight after training or racing. The correct nutrition will ensure you don’t bonk, under or over hydrate & get the most out of your all your hard training efforts. If you mess up the nutrition side the physiological adaptions to your training sessions can be compromised or you can even fail to reach your full performance potential.

Nutrition requirements vary depending on the person, type of training or race. Needs will differ depending on the session intensity, duration, technical skill requirement, or if more than one training session is being carried out in a day. The environmental conditions (hot, cold, altitude), training session goals, athlete health, dietary restrictions and training phase will also have an influence.

The training build up to your priority race is the time to work this out. It can be useful to incorporate different fueling strategies which can promote adaptions to training. Meet in person or via skype, facetime.


If you would like more specific input to your training nutrition my services now include:


Performance Nutrition Planning

How to fuel & hydrate for your specific training session/racing goals & optimize the training effect through nutrition. Learn how to manipulate your nutrition according to your training phase, duration, intensity and goals.

​Cost: $75/hour



Specific Race Day Nutrition Plan

If you are worried about your race day nutrition this will clarify your fuel and hydration needs to help you achieve your full potential on race day. I highly recommend doing this several weeks out from your event so you have a chance to practice the nutrition before race day.

Cost: $70

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