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Running Technique

General Running Technique

Good running technique will increase your running efficiency which can lead to improved performance, reduce the risk of injury and make running more fun!

Analysis of your running technique will include:

  1. A detailed look at your running/injury background

  2. Mobility

  3. Co-ordination

  4. Explanation of which muscle groups are best used for running (activation & strengthening options)

  5. Posture

  6. Foot placement and stride length.

Technical Running Skills

Off road running can include many different types of trails. Rocks, roots, steep/long uphills, downhills, boulders & sand to name but a few. Improving your skills on negotiating these technical sections will save you energy & time. You let me know what you want to improve on and I will help you improve.

Cost: $85/hr, $70 for 45min, $55 for 30min

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