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Keeping Warm on Cold Weather Training Missions

Winter Training
Winter Training

· Put extra clothes on as soon as you start to get cold. Don’t leave it until you are really cold.

· Have your warm clothes in a dry bag at the top of your pack.

· If you are leaving the shelter of the bush & entering more exposed terrain, rug up before you leave the bush.

· It’s harder to keep warm when biking than tramping/running in the cold/wet so take/wear extra/warmer layers.

· Washing Up Gloves are cheap, wind & waterproof. Get a large pair so you can wear your normal gloves underneath. I have used these tramping, kayaking & mountain biking.

· Tuck your gloves into the cuffs of your jacket so the rain doesn’t run off your sleeves into them.

· Hand Warmers: (small air activated disposable heat pads that can be slipped into a glove & can last 8-16hr). Don’t get them wet!

· Waterproof Trousers that have zips up the side enable you to put them on without taking your shoes/boots off.

· Jacket: Seam sealed, waterproof, a heavier Gortex in the winter will keep the wind out & you warmer.

· Eat & drink often. Have food easily accessible.

· Neoprene covers on your bike shoes will help keep the rain & wind out.

· There are Gortex running & mountain bike shoes available.

Example of what I wear and carry on winter training missions:

2 x Thermal Tops

1x Thermal Legs

1x Waterproof Trousers with zips

1x Fleecy Hat

1x Thin Gloves, 1xThick Gloves

1x Wash up Gloves


1x Primaloft Jacket (light synthetic down)

1x Heavy Gortex Jacket

Air activated Hand warmers

Gortex Run Shoes or Gortex MTB shoes

1x Warm Socks

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