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Training Specificity

Taking my packraft for a trip up Mt Armstrong

I will start this blog with Training Specificity. Its something I have been working on over the holidays for my upcoming adventure race. You may have seen me lugging around my pack with life jacket, helmet & paddles attached, in places where there wasn’t even a trickle of a river or lake to paddle on! It always makes for interesting conversations with those I meet on my training missions.

Its very important to look at the race you are targeting and work out what sort of terrain & conditions you are likely to encounter, its not just about the distance!

  • Is it hilly or flat?

  • How much ascent? Do you need to condition your legs to several 1000m’s of ascent & quad bashing steep descents.

  • How technical is the terrain. Does it involve exposed ridges, slippery snow grass, tussock bashing? What skills do you need to work on.

  • Are there river crossings?

  • How much weight will you have to carry? Do you have the right pack thats comfortable with this weight.

  • Are you likely to be wet for most of the time? Do you need to condition your feet.

  • Is it likely to be hot or cold? What clothing to wear.

  • What altitude will you be exposed to? Do you need to condition yourself to high altitude

This extra research will help you prepare yourself for a successful, enjoyable race & can be applied to all disciplines. Don’t leave it until race day to find out that you don’t enjoy exposed ridges or don’t quite have the skills to negotiate a grade 3 rapid! A bit of time to up skill & practice will make all the difference!

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